Friday, August 1, 2014

New Product Review - Cake Tool Company Part 1

Hi Cakeland!

Happy ICES weekend!  A few weeks ago, I announced I have proudly joined the Cake Tool Company family as one of their sponsored designers.  One of the perks (and there are many more to come, so stay tuned) of my job, is that I get to use their tools designed by Mercedes Strachwsky - one of the world's premiere cake designers.Since the line is so amazing, I am going to break my review down into multiple blog posts.

I couldn't get over how fast I received my new tools - and after reading online reviews, it wasn't fast because I am part of their team - everybody that has written reviews on their website have given them props for speedy shipping!  Just the feel of the tools was phenomenal!

I'd say I have two favorites right out of the gate - the delrin ball tool and the stainless steel ball tool.  The delrin ball tool is one piece of seamless hard plastic with a different sized ball at each end.  For a flower maker like me, the fact that it is seamless is crucial, as it allows me to work my gumpaste without marring it.  I love how it just glides over each petal effortlessly with very little pressure.  It is lightweight and very durable!

My other favorite - the stainless ball tool - looks like your normal good quality stainless ball tool with two exceptions - the brushed stainless steel is seemless (again, crucial!) and the delrin handle is actually food safe and doubles as a small 6 inch rolling pin - perfect for working with small pieces of paste.  Gotta love a 2-fer!

If you want to check out their full line of tools, click the logo and treat yourself to the best quality tools I have seen in a loooong time (and no, I am not paid to say that!).  And this weekend only, in honor of the annual ICES convention, The Cake Tool Company is giving all cakers a 25% discount regardless of if you are at convention or not!  Simply use promo code ICES25 at checkout.  And if you are able to be at convention, please swing by the Satin Ice booth where Mercedes will be doing demos all weekend and showing off these phenomenal tools!  Make sure to give her a big hug for me if you do!

I will be making my teaching debut teaching with the tools at Sweet House in Las Vegas, NV on August 18th.  If you would like to attend one of my 3 mini classes, register here.  I will be giving away prizes in each class, including a tool or two courtesy of The Cake Tool Company!

Until Next Time,
Happy Caking!

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