Saturday, August 15, 2009

Glitter and Gold!

Today, I experienced my first ever delivery from hell! I had to deliver a five tiered wedding cake to a place where the reception hall was up two glights of winding stairs. The cake must of weighed 100 pounds, and there was nobody at the venue to hold the door open. Needless to say, the cake almost went splat! On the upside, I am really happy with the outcome:

The cake was alternating round and petal shaped tiers. All tiers were red velvet filled with vanilla buttercream and were covered in ivory whitechocolate fondant. Each tier was wrapped in a gold ribbon, and gold bows and ribbons were draped from each round tier. There is a trail of golden gumpaste butterflies going from the bottom towards the top tier. The monogram is royal icing that was painted gold to match the color scheme. The topper is 2 dozen or so hand made gumpaste roses that were sprayed in the same gold shimmer as the butterflies. A few butterflies also sit on the roses:

The dress that started it all.....

So, two weeks ago, I posted a pic of a bridal shower cake that I did for one of my favourite clients. Now, I must say that she's not one of favourites because she orders alot (which she does), but because she is creative and likes to think outside of the box. Now that her Wedding day has come and gone, I am free to discuss the cake! Melissa had me bound with a gag order about her cake because of her untraditional gown and the fact that some people I know are friends with her cousin. Melissa picked a stunning purple gown that shimmered and sparkled. The gown was her inspiration for the cake. The idea for her cake came from the galleries at where I have sent Melissa for ideas before. When Melissa sent me the pic of the cake she wanted and the dress, I was ecstatic. It's not every day we get to stray from the regular white/off-white wedding cakes that are oh so popular. I tweaked and modified the picture of the cake she sent me and the end result was this:

The flavours were rainbowlicious/vanilla buttercream, chocolate/chocolate butter cream, and vanilla bean/vanilla butter cream. The entire cake was covered in purple white chocolate fondant sprayed with purple shimmer. The top and bottom tiers were quilted and decorated with lavender sugar pearls. The calas were handmade and colored to match the theme. The mongram was done in royal icing and matched the font from the invitation.

Here's the happy couple:

Don't they look great? Melissa loves my cake soooo much, that she wanted to take some on her honeymoon with her (I'm sure if given the chance, Glenn woulda been left behind!). I told her I loved the idea of a honeymoon cake and told her it would be my gift to them on one condition - I choose the design. They agreed and wrote me afterwards to tell me how much they loved it and how it kept them laughing:

They must have really liked it, because this is the photo they sent me of the cake on the bed in their hotel room when they checked in!