Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Vacation is over :(

So I just finished a week's vacation from the office, and boy was it hard to go back. Let me tell you, I can't wait until I can finally cake full time! Eventhough I was on vacation, my caking kept me busy. My first day off consisted of decorating my nephew's 1st birthday cake, featuring lightning mcqueen "babyized":

Zach's cake was chocolate and vanilla, covered in buttercream (except l.m. who was covered in fondant).

Next up was my dad's bday cake. Dad loves to golf and he loves his Guinness, so what better way than to make him happy? The golfball cake was red velvet covered in fondant and filled with Guinness buttercream - delish!

Inbetween these cakes, I made time to go to Plattsburg NY with my wife (like she had to twist my arm - it's the home of my favourite store ever - Global Sugar Art). I also took the time to try some new sugar flowers (practice makes perfect) and I started planning my sales for Halloween and (gasp!) CHRISTMAS!!!! (it's only 3 months away y'know). My last cake of the week was done at the end of my vacay - a christening cake for a good customer's goddaughter:

This crowd pleaser (so I was told) was vanilla bean covered in cream coloured buttercream. The purple and green accents were added using my new "swag" tips courtesy of Luck's Decorating company. The sugar flowers were also colored to coordinate with the color scheme and included calla lillies and some fantasy type blossoms. Lots to cake stuff to do this week, including finishing up the ad for my Halloween specials. Check back soon, with an update of the treats and maybe even a tutorial for my fellow cakers.