Friday, September 30, 2011

This weekend at Canada's Baking & Sweet Expo.....

Unless you live under a rock, all Canadian sugar enthusiasts know that this weekend is the Canadian Baking & Sweet Expo in Toronto. My BCF Chrissie has a booth there this year and she is unveiling a lot of new things for her store Icing Inspirations! Seeing as we're best cake friends, Chrissie has given me exclusive inside info which I can now share with all of you! And since you are all amazing followers of my blog (and possibly unlikely to attend the expo), Chrissie and I have an EXCLUSIVE OFFER for you! More about that later!

So, if you follow me online, you know that Icing Inspirations is my first (and usually only) stop online for all my cake decorating needs! Chrissie and her staff (which includes her husband Justin) offer the best customer service I have ever experienced! Their shipping is very reasonable (and fast) – they regularly have free shipping Tuesdays – you can sign up for their newsletter to keep up to date! What makes them exceptional at what they do, is that Chrissie only stocks products she enjoys using and they are extremely knowledgeable about their products! They are also the leaders when it comes to innovative display ideas! From hanging cake stands to picture frame stands, they are sure to be able to help you wow your clientele!


Now on to their booth at the expo! They are launching their couture line which includes T-shirts (hoping to see pics soon). But they are also unveiling some new products and classes, so let's get started!


Chrissie brings in the best local and international cake talent out there! Her classes are so popular that they sell out insanely fast (may have something to do with the way they make you feel welcome in their shop and the spacious class space!). In 2012, Icing Inspirations will be hosting 3 classes with the talented Rick Reichart (2 in June and a newly added 3rd class in October), 2 classes co-taught by Food Network champions James Rosselle & Marina Sousa, 2 sculpting classes with the beautiful and talented Karen Portaleo, and these classes being advertised online for the first time on my blog:

Sculpted Puppy Class with Courtney Clark – September 17th & 18th, 2012
9am – 5pm $450 + HST

In this adorably fun class students will learn to sculpt and carve a fun puppy dog cake.  Learn techniques to add true realism to your creations. Courtney is the master of clean fondant work and will share tips and tricks of her perfection. For fun we'll finish this adorable little puppy up with a fun little costume...perfect for the festive fall season.

All required tools and lunch will be provided each day


Beyond Sugar Flowers 2 with Diane Phillips – August 13th-15th, 2012
9am – 5pm $695 + HST

Back by popular demand! The new revolution in cake decorating. Diane's September 2011 class was met with great amazement! The reviews and blog posts have been pouring in. People are in awe of what can be done with this amazing medium. A craft that will revolutionize the world of sugar flowers. Students will learn to create beautiful clay pieces that can be used not only on cakes but are durable enough to be used as bouquets, hair pieces and much more. Flowers learned and created will include David Austen style roses, apple blossoms, dahlias, cosmos, hyacinth, hipericum berries, dogwood, parrot tulips, gloriosa lily, succulents, bird of paradise or heliconia, orchids, snake grass bamboo and time permitting a few additional flowers.
All supplies and tools provided for use in class. Lunch ill be provided each day.

Spaces are limited and the class will sell out fast! Don't miss your chance!

Chrissie is also working on getting another cake celeb up to Canada in 2012 as well, and Morsels By Mark will be sure to get you the exclusive details as soon as they are available!!

New Product Line:

One of the hottest items shown at this years ICES convention were the new edible glue products by Get SassieSassie Sap and the Sassie Stick! Chrissie sent me a set to check out and I love them! The Sassie Sap sets up and provides a long work time where you can dab the back of your gumpaste decorations, and the position and re-position them on your fondant covered creations!

The Sassie people were also showing off their new creation – the Sassie Shot! This revolutionary sugar gun allows you to insert isomalt sticks and create beautiful sugar pieces with them. It looks and acts like a glue gun, but is 100% safe to use with isomalt (as you all know isomalt used in a regular glue gun may cause the gun to explode and cause serious injury)! The sugar gun will retail for $59.99 plus taxes and shipping.

The exciting news, is that the people of Sassie also have a line of Isomalt sticks available which they have asked Chrissie to launch this weekend! In addition to their already advertised 8 colours plus clear, they will have 32 new colors available:

10 Jewel Tones: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pool Blue, Blue, Purple, SassiePink, Brown and Clear

10 Cloud Colours (these are really cool because they've got a creamy look to them):  Red cloud, orange cloud, yellow cloud, leaf green cloud, Christmas green cloud, winter blue cloud, blue cloud, lavender cloud, sweet pink cloud, black cloud, white cloud

10 Glitter Colours (YES! They have glitter running through them!!):  Sassie pink glitter, blue glitter, purple glitter, Christmas green glitter, shimmer glitter, gold glitter, yellow glitter, red glitter, black glitter, silver glitter.

They are a bit longer than other sticks available, and come well packed so they won't break in shipping. Chrissie actually told me this morning that one of the cases they received looked like a monster truck ran over it, and every single stick inside was still intact! Packs will be priced between $10 and $18 depending on selection. What is also cool, is they will be coming in variety packs like the Christmas combo pack or the Glitter combo pack. Icing Inspirations will be one of the first distributors to receive their new stock when it becomes available! Now here is where your EXCLUSIVE OFFER comes in! As a faithful reader of my blog, if you email Icing Inspirations and mention you read it on my blog, Icing Inspirations will put you on the list to get your very own Sassie Shot at a Morsels By Mark special price of $49.99 (plus taxes and shipping)! That is an incredible deal! The guns will be shipped on a first ordered first served basis though, so don't delay. This is a limited time offer and will end Tuesday, October 4th 2012 at 12:01 am!

That's it for this edition! Check back soon for more news and interviews from the world of cake. Visit my website for info on upcoming classes as well!

Until next time, happy caking!