Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Must Have Toys - The Mat

A few months ago, we started a new feature at the blog called, "Must Have Toys".  The item being featured this time around is definitely a must have!  It has completely changed the way I work with fondant and has made my lime a million times easier.  It is "The Mat" by SweetWise .

The mat is a patent pending fondant rolling system.  It esentially 2 sheets of polished plastic (that are delivered to your door in a nifty storage tube) that you place your fondant between and roll out.  Yeah yeah, I can hear you all now, "idiot - go to the fabric store and buy some clear vinyl - it is cheaper".  Well guess what - cheaper isn't better!  The way the mat is treated, it allows you to actually pick up the bottom sheet, place it over your cake, and release it.  I have tried the vinyl sheeting from fabric stores, and it is horrible.  After seeing the how-to video on Sweetwise's Youtube channel , I was sold that the mat was going to make my fondant rolling better.  I wasn't wrong!  I followed the instructions in the video, conditioned my mat, and got rolling (pun intended!).  The fondant rolled out smoothly between the layers, and released fairly easy from the plastic once placed over my cake.

Up until using my mat, I was always worried fibers from my chef's coat or tiny hairs from my arms would end up on the fondant when I picked it up (even though I scrub like a surgeon).  I tried using my rolling pin to lift the fondant, and had mixed success.  The best benefit of the mat is that it saves me money on fondant.  Because you are able to roll the fondant out thinner when using the mat, you actually end up using less fondant on your cakes (and we all know how much our customers LOVE fondant).  The way I see it, the mat pays for itself!

Now I bough the mat when it first came out, and that version has now been replaced by two improved versions - one that is 22" x 22" for the home decorator and another that is 30" x 30" for professionals. 

What is an added bonus to these two new versions (available for preorder ) is that they come imprinted with a measuring guide so you know exactly when to stop rolling out!  The only word of caution - if you want your mat to last, be sure not to fold it to store it - clean it, dry it and roll it back up and store it in its tube.

I only write and reccommend products that I use, trust and stand behind - the mat is no different.  If you want to easily roll your fondant and save money, then head over to SweetWise and pre-order yours now.  And while you're there, see what else they have to offer - they have a wide selection of products and great shipping too!

Until Next Time,
Happy Caking!