Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Cake Peeps!

I hope 2012 is a great year for everyone!  If you follow Chinese astrology, we are entering the year of the dragon.  Being a dragon myself, I am excited at what this year brings!  I have some BIG things in the works, and hope to be able to share with you all very soon!

A new year, brings new resolutions.  Some people want to lose weight, others quit smoking.  Me?  Haha - I resolved to buy less cake toys.  Guess what!  I broke it in the first week!!!  Of course not my fault......Jennifer Dontz, this one is all on you!

Earlier this week, I opened my e-mail to find my monthly Sugar Delites newsletter (if you want to sign up, visit Jen's website).  Always choc-full of useful tidbits and great product, I caved and read immediately!  What did it you ask?  Well Jen's new line of Damask cutters.  5 different sets, priced very reasonably at $41.99 each set, these cutters are sure to help you deliver amazing design possibilities to your cake creations.  I ordered 2 of the 5 sets right away (so I did technically show some restraint) and can't wait to get started on some new designs!

Here are examples of what the sets are capable of:


Now just picture all the variations you can come up with using just 5 cutter sets!  I do plan on a tutorial for using the cutters once they arrive.  Now, if you are a faithful reader, you know I consider Jen one of my dearest friends.  She is always willing to share.  She was generous enough to allow me to share a great example of how the cutters can be used:

Denise Talbot (of Cakes So Special, and Ultimate Cake Off) commandeered Jen's aid in creating this beautiful cake for her son's wedding.  Denise was also kind enough to allow me to share their work with all of you.  They used only cutter set 2 and just reconfigured the pieces to make many patterns.  So now I need to ask.....what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Sugar Delites and get your own sets now!  As I can attest, Jen's shipping is reasonable (man, I am always amazed by how much she fits in a flat rate package) and quick! 

On another Jen note, I am happy to say that Jennifer Dontz is coming to my hometown - Montreal, at the end of October (price and venue TBD), and I cannot wait to see her again!  We will be spending a fun filled weekend making sugar flowers (gerbera daisies, pincones, berries, just to name a few)

Well cake boys and girls, I am off to work on some new display cakes for next week's first wedding consult of 2012.  Wishing much happiness and success in the coming year!

Until next time, Happy Caking!


  1. Great blog and very tempting! Thanks!

  2. Glad you like the new cutters Mark! Can't wait to see what you do with them. Thanks so much for the blog post my friend.... I know we will have a good time in Reno and Montreal!
    (((hugs))) Jennifer :-)