Saturday, October 23, 2010

So Busy!

Hello my dear readers!  Sorry I've been MIA in a while, but the "day job" has been keeping me busy along with the kitchen renos that still aren't done!  I just wanted to keep everyone up to date and my goings on:

- I will be satrting to give classes at Creations Gourmandes.  The first will be a take on my upcoming Poinsettia classes.  Anyone interested in the Poinsettia classes, check out my website - there are still spots open for the November 21st class!  The 2 classes from my home are being sponsored by Icing Inspirations who are also providing me with fantastic dorr prizes for the 2 classes!

- I have also been busy getting halloween chocolate ready for sale this week

- I am so excited - 3 weeks and I will be studying under the maestro of sugar flowers - Ron Ben Israel!

- Lastly, I have finally had time to send my questions to Chrissie over at Icing Inspirations - I will post the interview not long after I get them!

That's it for now cake boys and girls!  I am off to enjoy a Wii Just Dance 2 party in our basement!

Happy Caking :)

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