Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Birthday Cake

Ok, so here's the story. After watching Last Cake Standing challenge on FN, I was dying to try Mary's (from Cakegirls) glow in the dark technique. What better place than my own birthday cake, right? Wrong!

I am a big fan of DC Superheros - especially Batman and the Justice League, so I came up with this design. Only the top tier was real cake (Vanilla Bean with mixed berry coulis filling). I was really happy with the outcome. Followed the ingredients from the show, applied it to anything that I wanted to glow, and waited for dark. For this to work, I needed a blacklight. The one I bought was not strong enough I guess, because this cake did not glow!

I am not giving up though! I will be on the hunt for a better black light and I will try this again. When it works, I have a funnny feeling a lot of people will want their cake to glow too!

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