Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Hi Cakeland!

I am uber excited - the countdown is getting smaller and smaller!  Only 2 weeks until I head out to Kitchener, Ontario to study under the amazing duo - James and Marina!  Our class will be Haute Couture Cakes and we will be studying a variety of techniques over the course of 3 days (and a few spots are still open for the second class.  Some of these techniques include using silicone molds made by the fine folks over at and their line of Marvelous Molds!

That brings me to the first new feature to the blog - Must-have Toys!  I am a big kid at heart and love me some cake toys!  Let me just say, this first set of toys will not dissapoint!  Marvelous Molds (the line that brought us Marina's button and bead molds as well as Earlene's Lace molds) has added a new line - Sculpted Silicone Scroll Molds!  The line consists of 16 molds that can be mixed and matched to make an infinite combination of designs.

The introductory video explains how the molds are constructed and used.  At just over 30 minutes, it covers everything you need to know!  Chef Dominic and his team have really outdone themselves this time around!  These molds are bound to be the hottest things this year. They are all reasonably priced, and you can save by purchasing molds in various confugartion sets.  The entire line would cost a little over $300 to purchase, but well worth the investment considering your brides are going to swoon over the possibilities you can create for their special day!  I have many of the Marina and Earlene molds, and can speak from experience - any product made by Marvelous Molds is high quality and reasonably priced.  The molds all have a cutting blade that allows you to get nice clean edges, and some also have windows to be able to have depth in your design by allowing the base cake to show through.

If you live in the US, shipping from is very reasonable ( I usually order and ship it to my aunt).  I know what you are thinking - if you live north of the border, shipping and handling is going to be killer (not to mention duties and taxes), but I am happy to share that my favourite supply website - Icing Inspirations is the Canadian distributor! 

 I can't wait to get my hands on all of these molds - they work great with all sugar mediums as well as other mediums for non cake decorators. [K, so yeah -  I have a "hotline" to Icing Inspirations and I was advised early this morning that the molds are on the website, and quel surprise - I ordered the first part of my new "collection" - all 7 of the "flourish" molds]

I will definitely try and post from class in 2 weeks and share some of the fun things I've learned.  Stay tuned to the blog for more Must Have Toys, and I am also working a new feature called Cake 911, but for that I need your help - please send me pics of your cake disasters and a short write-up/question, and I will post it and help trouble shoot what went wrong!  I am also working on a few tutorials for the blog and hope to have the first one up really soon!

Until Next Time,
Happy Caking

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