Friday, March 30, 2012

What Are You Doing.....

......with your tax return?  Income tax time is upon us, and this is my first return filing as an employed individual and a registered business.  Anxious to see what happens.  But I do have plans for my return - cake plans!  I am hoping to get back enough to cover my trip to Reno for the ICES convention. 

If you are looking for a way to invest in your cake knowledge, you should use your return to take a class with a celebrity cake artisit (or two).  Perfect for using up that tax return, James Rosselle and Marina Sousa will be at Icing Inspirations in only 41 more days!  There are only a few (and by that I mean A FEW!) spots left.  They are both talented, award winning cake artists willing to share their cake knowledge with you!  And.....I have it on good authority, new cake toys used in the class will only be available for sale to students enrolled in the class!  Don't miss out!  Contact Chrissie @ Icining Inspirations sooner rather than later and secure your place now!

On another note, I am in the middle of developing a new line of cake related products, and am curious what features you are looking for when purchasing cake toys!  Leave me a comment telling me, and you could win a set of the new products when they become available later this year!


  1. For the "cake toy line"...Reliability...and practicality...and reasonable prices..for example...lace/border/whatever mats that are longer...I have one that's 17inches long,and it's a bonus!So much less repeating of placement.. That each item/tool "does" what it is supposed to...and that we can see what the size really is....and instructions please....since you're developing them,I figure that all these points will be addressed,since you're probably trying to make something more suitable to your (cake artist's) needs...and therefore ours too

  2. Not sure if we all will get a refund.... Doubt it, but a sheeter would sure be nice!

  3. Features I am looking for when purchasing cake toys are:

    *Ease of use- does not take an extended amount of time to figure it out.

    *Durability of materials(made well and will last a while)

    *Cost factor- ( you don`t need to buy x amount to use with Y)

    *Something that is multi function. You can buy X product and it will do more than one thing such as Y and Z.

  4. My return is going towards the 2012 Cake Cruise. This will be my 4th cake cruise and I can't wait!!! I enjoy it every year! As for the cake toys Neal covered everything I was going to say so DITTO on Neal's post :)

  5. Well, obviously cost is a huge factor in cake toys so I won't dwell on that one.
    For cutters, I prefer them to be metal whenever possible but not so thin they distort when I cut things.
    For molds, I like them to have clean cut edges and not rounded ones like some I've bought in the past and don't use.
    For lace molds, I like them to be not too deep and double sided. At first I didn't see the necessity for both sides, but now I realize how much easier they are to use and how much thinner the lace is.